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How to choose the perfect Cotton bedsheet?

A Cotton bedsheet is a flat-woven textile that is used on a bed between the occupant of a bed and the warm blanket above. It is generally a rectangle of broadloom fabric, meaning it is made without a center seam. Bedsheets have hems at the top and bottom. The selvages or finished edges of the woven sheet as it is made on the loom are used as side seams and thus there is no need for hemming on the sides. Today, the bedsheet comes as part of a set of bed linens that match in color, fabric, and detail and includes the fitted sheet (to cover the mattress), the flat sheet, and at least one pillowcase.
Choosing a bedsheet design from florals to traditional motifs to solid colors to Jaipuri patterns, bedsheets are available in several prints, designs, and colors.

One of the most important factors in choosing a bed sheet will be the ambiance of the room. If you have plain walls and floors then a bed sheet will give you a lot of scopes to experiment with colors and designs thus adding vibrancy and life to an otherwise staid room.

What kind of fabric

These days a lot of fabrics are available in bedsheets starting right from the all-time basic favorite cotton to poly cotton to polyester to various blends, weaves and GSM (weight i.e. grams per square meter) or TC (thread count), In our context a bedsheet with anything over a 110 TC is good to be used. Typically, 100% cotton bed sheets with a thread count between 180-250 are best suited for the summer months as they are soft and considered of good quality.

Cotton bed sheets are best suited for a climate like ours. They are slightly more expensive than the poly cotton or polyester versions but are unbeatable in comfort and durability. A poly-cotton bed sheet is cheaper than its cotton counterpart generally but over a while, there will be problems of pilling and color inconsistency due to the inherent differences in characteristics of polyester and cotton.

Weave Types

Usually, the fabric weave and the manufacturing processes used won’t be a big factor in your decision; often they don’t even appear on the packaging. But there are a few terms you should know:

  • Sateen is a cotton cloth made with a satin weave, a weave that produces a very soft, lustrous feel but can be somewhat less durable than a tighter weave.
  • Percale is the crisp, durable plain weave fabric typically used for sheets; it has a thread count of at least 180.
  • Combed cotton has been combed to remove the short fibers and leave the long ones, which makes for a strong, soft fabric.


Bed linen is either printed or dyed. This makes it important to check whether the process is chemical-free and the bed linen is good for your skin. The material and weave of the fabric also determine how breathable it is i.e. whether it remains cool or heats up against your skin.

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